EventCalc.com Privacy Policy

We don't collect any data about you other than what happens on web servers automatically (logs and such) or, in the case of Reminders, your email address or mobile number where reminders are sent. Nothing that we collect is correlated with anything that could be considered personal information (except, again, your email address or cell phone number for reminders). If you give us an email address or phone number for a reminder, we delete it as soon as we have sent your reminders or you cancel them. We don't keep them, sell them, send them to anyone or anything else other than use them to send you a reminder. We don't collect names, physical addresses, dress sizes or make and model of car. This is for fun, and, if the truth is to be told, we don't really care about your personal information anyway. We want you to have fun so stop reading this trash and find a day to throw a party.

This policy covers the Half Birthday Calculator, Anniversary Calculator, Event Count Down, and Reminder services.

Last changed on 17 Nov 2011.

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